Featured Artist … Ruth Johnston

Featured_Ruth_3We are delighted to welcome Ruth Johnston as our new featured artist.

Ruth is a visual artist whose work is such a joyful combination of colour and texture.  From her abstract work to pieces that depict a wonderful abstract realism, we are confident you will love Ruth’s paintings as much as we do.

Here’s a few words from Ruth ..

“I was fortunate enough to have attended a school where art in all of its many forms played a vital element within the curriculum – drawing, painting and crafts were a regular activity.

After leaving school I trained as a Steiner Teacher, taught in Hollywood, Co. Down then moved to Manchester to do a BA in Furniture Design and Making via Loughborough to do a B-Tec in Art and Design.  However, my love of painting in its various forms seems to have won through.

Colour is very important in to me in my work, blending, combining to form new ones, discovering colours I never knew existed.

Having lived in Scotland for the length of I time I have, the magnificent landscapes and the inspiration that can be found here also play in to my work.

I enjoy working in different media, acrylics, water colour, inks, silk paints or yarns and this means that my work is a mix of visual art and functional items.”



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