Featured Artist … Catherine Percival

CP_ImageWe are delighted to introduce Catherine Percival as our new featured artist.

I met Catherine when I first opened Lagom Felt Studio and have enjoyed her company as a workshop participant on a number of occasions.

Having explored a range of felting techniques, Catherine has been drawn to using a combination of wet felting and needle felting to express her own distinctive style.  Creating work that is beautifully evocative of the Scottish landscape; scenes with stunning use of both colour and texture that you can easily imagine immersing yourself within.

Speaking of her journey to felting and continued exploration, Catherine says:

“I have been interested in art and crafts all my life but focused on painting for years, especially working with oils.

I discovered felting when I moved to Crieff and saw a workshop advertised.  I learned the basis of wet felting and was fascinated by the detail and textures allowed by needle felting.  I initially found creating felted pictures a real challenge wishing I could blend the beautifully coloured fibres as easily as I did with paint.   I enjoy attending classes at Lagom Felt Studio, always learning and sharing experiences and coming away wanting to try something new.

Having spent years hill-walking, I grew to love nature and all its beauty and am inspired by it, especially the changing seasons and colours.  When I am felting I have only a rough idea of what the finished piece will look like.  It changes as I work and the fibres decide what the outcome will be.

For future work, I would like to incorporate a more three dimensional aspect to my pictures and having lived by the sea for several years, would love to attempt more seascapes so there is always plenty of inspiration to continue creating.”


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