A Return to Making

Blog_Return_FleeceNext month will see three years since I opened Lagom Felt Studio.  

Those three years have been an incredibly steep learning curve, bringing a wealth of new experiences in their wake.

Something that I did not anticipate happening though, would be that I would stop making.  In fact, I naively imagined day after day of happy creating in my new space as a full-time maker.

If you have only met me since opening my shop / studio / gallery in Crieff, you could be forgiven for thinking that I ran the shop and gave felting classes only.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not what I set out to do).

Although I love each and every moment of running the shop and teaching workshops, I have come to realise that I need to carve out some space and time for me, for making, some studio time.  All of which meant a difficult choice – closing Lagom Felt Studio for an extra day a week to allow me some dedicated studio time.

From 1st March 2016, Lagom Felt Studio will be open Thursday to Saturday, from 10am to 4.30pm.

Now that my online shop is up and running you can also purchase materials and supplies from Lagom Felt Studio’s etsy shop (this is a work in progress and new stock is being added regularly, so please check back every now and then for updates).  I will continue to run regular felting workshops and you can find the latest schedule here – Lagom Felt Studio Workshop Schedule.

I am equally nervous and excited about this change but hopeful for the future.  Watch this space as the saying goes …


2 thoughts on “A Return to Making

  1. I understand that completely. Sometimes I get to the end of a week and realise that I’ve done very little of what I wanted to do. I get a lot of people coming in for a chat and I love that, but it does hold me back for sometimes up to an hour. You don’t get that time back unless you stay later and I have been doing that. I’ve got a million ideas and I get frustrated that I’m not taking any of them forward. Good on your Tracy. I might follow your lead!

    • I thought you would get where I was coming from Julie. It is a really tough balancing act – I love working in the shop, I love giving workshops, I love chatting with customers, I even love the admin. side of the business (yes, really!) but all of that time is time spent not making and that leads to the frustration you mention. It was an absolute joy to be working away in my studio, to have that uninterrupted time and space – definitely a good decision and one I would recommend 🙂

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