Featured Artist … Aileen Clarke


Lagom Felt Studio is delighted to welcome Aileen Clarke as our new featured artist.

We first met Aileen many years ago now and have long been fans of her work so we are more than a little bit excited to be able to feature some of Aileen’s beautiful pieces in our shopfront exhibition.

Here’s some information about Aileen’s work, process and inspiration …

Aileen is an artist-maker, working from her cottage studio in rural north Fife.  She went to art college in the 1990’s to study design then went into floristry for many years.  Since discovering textiles about 11 years ago, Aileen has built up a flourishing cottage industry making a variety of fibre art and textile jewellery.

Aileen mostly uses wet felting and needle felting techniques in her work as well as the fabulous embellisher machine.  She loves experimenting with colour and texture and the embellisher allows her to include a lot of different fibres and textiles, alongside wool.  She loves to use hand dyed fibres and chunky hand spun yarns and makes a point of supporting small independent dyers and spinners from all over the UK.

As a cottage dweller, much of Aileen’s inspiration comes from the countryside around her as well as from visits to the highlands and islands of Scotland and the west coast of Ireland.  She loves to use vibrant yet natural colours in her work and the use of hand dyed wool fibres helps give variegation and depth to the finished pieces.

Aileen has also tried to capture her love of the sea and fascination with the effects of light on water in her textile jewellery.  These jewellery pieces have been made using layered and stitched sheer fabrics set behind either resin or glass.  Each piece is unique and will throw out unexpected colours when seen in different lights.

One last note folks, make sure you come by soon for a viewing – do not miss this one!


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