In the Studio

This past wee while has all been about preparation … excited, impatient preparation in anticipation of new work.

As I am still finding it difficult to carve out time in my week to create, I decided to challenge myself by signing up for an online workshop.  It has been such a long time since I have given myself the space to experiment while learning a new skill and I am relishing the thought.  I’m hoping that the focus of a weekly class will help me to set aside the necessary time.

Over the period of the course, I’ll be learning how to stencil and print on felt using a range of techniques and medium.

In anticipation, I have created a pile of freshly made light coloured felt awaiting the application of some designs!


Another long anticipated project is the creation of a new range of felt rugs, using some the of the lovely local fleece I have set aside for this very purpose.

Often referred to as ‘vegetarian sheepskin’, these rugs will be composed of felted wool and fleece only, most importantly the sheep gets to keep its skin!

Rather than my usual jump-right-in-with-no-preparation approach (which often finds me running out of time, with a half finished piece that never gets finished) I decided to be sensible for a change.

This week saw me sorting through the fleece to choose the very best, measuring them to estimate the amount of fibre I will need to create the felt backing and now I am carding the softest, floofiest batts 🙂

All I need now is a sunny, dry day with no wind … in October, in Scotland … I think I’m being a tad optimistic don’t you?



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